Impressing Hotel Guests with Cleanliness

One of the first things you notice in a hotel in Adelaide is the carpet. For carpet cleaning Adelaide, this is one task that is usually being sub-contracted to third parties. Keeping the carpets clean is not something that can be easily achieved. This is not a simple task, and instead of having a cleaning crew in-house, hotels in Adelaide usually hire third-party cleaners.

imperial_carpet_cleaningThe reputation of a hotel is not just earned because of good public relations. Every part of the organization makes an effort to present the establishment in a good light. This includes the front-desk, concierge, room service, as well as contracted work like carpet cleaning Adelaide. Each of these give a hundred percent to make sure that guests are well-taken care of, and that the rooms are as clean as possible.

Part of the tasks that are also sourced out includes upholstery cleaning Adelaide. It is easier to have a regular cleaning of the upholstery to ensure that these stand out. Besides the regular daily scrub by hotel personnel, these also go through a thorough treatment by professional cleaners. In addition, bathroom tile and grout cleaning is another matter.

Keeping the premises clean is a corporate responsibility. Guests expect the best hotels in Adelaide to have the cleanest facilities, rooms and furnishings. This is an expectation that the hotel also tries to live up to. It is no longer just necessary to have a name, and a reputation. With all the competition, both for volume guests, as well as for business travelers, families and tourists, it is important to keep a reputation. Hotels are always looking at ways to stay ahead of the competition. Being inexpensive does not always work. However, to achieve clean bathrooms and carpets have a positive impression on hotel guests. They know when extra effort at cleanliness was provided.

Some of the best five-star hotels in Adelaide look grand, and guests feel grand. The employees feel privileged working at the place. They also understand that guests can feel the employees’ deference and respect for visitors. They also know that guests have high expectations, and meeting those expectations is part of their jobs.

Cleanliness in a hotel is just the small glimpse of a larger picture. Of course, this includes how organized the front-desk and the service staff are. It also reflects in the uniform. Impeccable uniform is expected at all times. This cannot be overstated. The employees are a part of the larger picture. How they greet their guests, and they make you feel home, all have an impact on the overall customer experience.

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Top 10 things to do in Switzerland

There are a lot of things to do in Switzerland all the year-round. When you visit Switzerland, you will get all the four different climate zones in just one package; it offers you more than just skiing, chalets and slopes. From food to art to outdoor adventures, plus the thrilling alpine playground all around you and urban centers that are strewn in-between. Here are top things to do in Switzerland, travel tips; essentially, fall is the ideal time to visit this fantastic tiny country, when aero plane tickets and accommodation are less expensive.

1. Take a hike

With over 37,284 miles of marked hiking trails, Switzerland is a haven for hikers, walkers and trekkers of all abilities. Whether you decide to do a light walk for a few hours, hike a mountain trail, trek an alpine route or just cross the county on foot, you will definitely experience an amazing panoramas from flower dramatic alpine to landscapes, knotty pine, chestnut, forest of larch or observe the daily life of locals as you pass by through the history filled villages.

2. Get Wheeling

Hocked on cycling? Straddle the hike and off you go. Two wheels bring you whatever you like. You can either come along with your own bike or rather you rent one. So that you can leisurely enjoy the bike routes that magnificently criss-cross the country. Moreover, if you are a mountain biker and you love the wild cycling adventure, here you will not be disappointed.

3. Join a Local Festival

Travelers can easily experience local traditions as well as national archives. Every Saturday from the mid-July through August, the Marches Folkloriques in Vevey features Swiss folk music, crafts, alphorn performances and wine tasting.

4. Feast on Their Foodies

Switzerland is a culinary melting pot and combines the best of Austranian, Italian, German and French cuisine with their own. You can taste their delicacies from their local specialists or simply visit their fancy restaurants.

5. Get to Know the Cows

Every traveler who have a to visit Switzerland, should make sure that he/she have had some sort interaction with the cows- from the production of cheese to hearing the beautiful sounds of the clank of cowbells in the countryside. You can get to know the cows very well on a usual hike or a dairy farm tour near Chateau D’Oex.

swiss_train_alps6. Alp Spotting by Train

What could more awesome than alp spotting from the comfort of your seat? Scenic train rides, cables excursion sand post bus tours bring you close to the mountain peaks and carry you through the most scenic areas of Switzerland no puffing or huffing involved.

7. Visit the Lake

The countries lakes are very inspiring. The glacial blue waters as well as the shoreline vineyards, create great photo ops.

8. Taste some Cheese

Just because the Swiss only eat cheese in winter, it doesn’t mean you can’t get it any other time of the season. You can actually have a taste of some at any time all year-round, especially in the big Cheese making and tasting centres of Gruyeres, Appenzell and Emmenta. You will also have the honour of seeing how the cheese is made over open fire.

9. Taste Local Wine

Whether it is white wine made from Chasselas grapes onto the shores of Lake Geneva, Pinot Noir from the Valais or Merlot from Ticine, take the advandave of the rare chance provided to sip and taste some local wine labels. This is because, most Swiss wine is never exported so, it is not that easy to find it anywhere outside Switzerland.

10. Touch the Sky

This is done by simply taking cable cars and chair lifts that take you safely to the in-numerable mountain-tops. Hot air balloons, a thrilling alpenrundflug by airplane or in a real jet bomber or fighter are other options too.

The above are just a few top things to do in Switzerland, travel tips, however, there are a lot of more exciting things which I have not mentioned but can also offer you some great adventure too. But keep on following , I will provide more in my next article.

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Best Restaurants to dine in Switzerland

Dinning is a major need when it comes to travelling or when one wants to have some good time out of his or her kitchen. But have you ever thought of those beautiful and welcoming restaurants that you can spend some evening in Switzerland? Well there are plenty of restaurants from all corners where you can enjoy some breakfast, some lunch and even dinner too. You don’t need to carry food jars as you travel because we have selected some of the best Swiss cuisine where you can pass by and enjoy something delicious.

Switzerland Café and General Store

This restaurant in little Switzerland seems to steal the hearts of many when it comes to dinning. It’s one of the best local cuisines that cater for all sorts of people from families with children, outdoor, romantic dines and also those that want to dine on a budget. It offers breakfast or brunch, lunch and dinner. The price ranges from $10 to $ 15 which is quite affordable.

Le Chat-Botte

Having received the certificate of excellence in 2013, this is one of the restaurants you don’t want to miss its services in Geneva. It serves authentic cuisines and wines, you will surely be spoilt for choice here.

Holy Cow! Gourmet Burger Barholy_cow

This is another restaurant that any Zurich travelers don’t want to miss. It offers American dishes, Hamburgers, fast food and welshes from breakfast all through to dinner. The costs are very affordable, ranging from $7 to $28 also making it one of the best places to dine on a budget.


This is a must have for the discerning Zurich visitors. The restaurant serves some of the best dishes in town in a very beautiful place with paintings on the walls done by some of the best painters Chagall, Picasso, Matisse and more. The chefs are also warm and welcoming with their special cuisines.

Restaurant Edelweiss

For the best Swiss cuisine, this is the restaurant to dine. It’s an authentic chalet located in the heart of the city where you find every meal from breakfast to some dinner.

Brasserie Schiller

If you want to enjoy some French cooking in a place surrounded by delightful brasseries, this is one of the best restaurants in Zurich. The costs are very friendly and the atmosphere is just exhilarating.


Travelling to Geneva? Well Altitude is the restaurant to dine. Run by some of the professional chefs, Gilles and Thomas, this restaurant serves savory dishes such as risotto with sautéed veal and zucchini flowers in a well serene and scenic environment facing the Jura Mountains. Their costs are also affordable.

Chez Fritz

Chez Fritz is also a great restaurant in Kilchberg, Zurich. It is defined as a waterfront restaurant offering delicious foods. Black tiger prawns and some homemade piemontese gnocchi are some of the meals you can enjoy here at appealing costs.

These are some of the best restaurants that you can dine in on your visit to some of the mentioned cities. They are all affordable and offer the best menus on the table. However, there are many more restaurants and motels in Switzerland where you can enjoy some good time.

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The Best of Switzerland

switzerlandTraveling brings great experience that is coupled with so much learning and what better way to travel than to avail of great packages.  There are so many tour packages available that can take you to your favorite destination and let you simply enjoy your vacation, hassle free.

One amazing trip is a tour package to Switzerland where you get to explore the mixed cultures of German, French and Italian.  Visiting the Swiss Alps is definitely your primary destination, but more than that, there are other packages that allow you to enjoy Switzerland in a different level.

There are some things that you need to accomplish while at Switzerland.  One is a trip to Lucerne coming from Zurich, second are the day trips to Mt. Pilatus and Gruyeres that also include the Golden Panoramic Express Train, and also a day trip to Lausanne, Montreaux and Chateau de Chillon.  But, what is not to be missed in your itinerary is the trip to Jungfrau railway that will take you to the heart of the mountains and on to the highest train station in Europe that is at 3,454 meters above sea level.  Feel like you are on top of the world as you get to the top of Europe and see the global atmospheric monitoring station, and view the ice wilderness below.

Much is to be done at Switzerland. Aside from the mountains, you can also experience the train and the boat tours.  So what other better time than now to book a trip to Switzerland and enjoy the book early and pay early promotions and get additional discounts and savings of up to $1,550.  This offer is good until February 12, 2014 only so it is great to take advantage of this today.

Great tours and activities await you in Switzerland and conveniently choose the accommodation of your choice.  They also have a lot of wonderful hotels to choose from such as the Zermatt, Zurich and Geneva Hotels among many others.

The main airport of Switzerland is the Zurich-Klotten and it has two other smaller airports, which are the Euro-Airport Basel-Mulhouse and the Geneva-Cointin.  Swiss is their local air carrier, while Lufthansa airline can also bring you there.

Some customs though to observe while at Switzerland is that you are only allowed to bring 2 liters of alcohol that has less than 15% alcohol content, or 1 liter that has more than 15% alcohol content.  Another is that you can only have 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250g of tobacco.  Even bringing perfumes have limits; you can only carry 50g of perfume or 250g of eau de toilette.

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