The Best of Switzerland

Traveling brings great experience that is coupled with so much learning and what better way to travel than to avail of great packages.  There are so many tour packages available that can take you to your favorite destination and let you simply enjoy your vacation, hassle free.

One amazing trip is a tour package to Switzerland where you get to explore the mixed cultures of German, French and Italian.  Visiting the Swiss Alps is definitely your primary destination, but more than that, there are other packages that allow you to enjoy Switzerland in a different level.

There are some things that you need to accomplish while at Switzerland.  One is a trip to Lucerne coming from Zurich, second are the day trips to Mt. Pilatus and Gruyeres that also include the Golden Panoramic Express Train, and also a day trip to Lausanne, Montreaux and Chateau de Chillon.  But, what is not to be missed in your itinerary is the trip to Jungfrau railway that will take you to the heart of the mountains and on to the highest train station in Europe that is at 3,454 meters above sea level.  Feel like you are on top of the world as you get to the top of Europe and see the global atmospheric monitoring station, and view the ice wilderness below.

Much is to be done at Switzerland. Aside from the mountains, you can also experience the train and the boat tours.  So what other better time than now to book a trip to Switzerland and enjoy the book early and pay early promotions and get additional discounts and savings of up to $1,550.  This offer is good until February 12, 2014 only so it is great to take advantage of this today.

Great tours and activities await you in Switzerland and conveniently choose the accommodation of your choice.  They also have a lot of wonderful hotels to choose from such as the Zermatt, Zurich and Geneva Hotels among many others.

The main airport of Switzerland is the Zurich-Klotten and it has two other smaller airports, which are the Euro-Airport Basel-Mulhouse and the Geneva-Cointin.  Swiss is their local air carrier, while Lufthansa airline can also bring you there.

Some customs though to observe while at Switzerland is that you are only allowed to bring 2 liters of alcohol that has less than 15% alcohol content, or 1 liter that has more than 15% alcohol content.  Another is that you can only have 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250g of tobacco.  Even bringing perfumes have limits; you can only carry 50g of perfume or 250g of eau de toilette.

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